The vibration technology

Continuous handling of bulk materials by vibration

Handling by vibration removes the contact between the product and all the moving parts, resulting in a saving on several levels: less wear of the facilities, reduction of the load pollution, increase of the equipment’s length of life, reduction of the maintenance costs. The technique of vibration is applicable to bulk materials of different sizes (sizes and shapes) and allows the transport and the handling of food or chemical powders, household recyclable packaging, metals to be recovered, etc….


  • Electromechanical or electromagnetic conveyors
  • Electromechanical or electromagnetic feeders
  • Vibrating spiral feeders
  • Electromechanical or electromagnetic extractors  
  • Dosing feeder
  • Hooper
  • Vibrating table
  • Screens and other vibrating conveying and processing machines


  • Conveying of hot products.  
  • Conveying of delicate products
  • Cooling
  • Conveying of corrosive products
  • Dosing

Fields of application:

Conveying of products, feeding of process in many industrial applications:

  • food industry
  • quarries and cement industries
  • sorting wastes and recycling
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • steel industry, metallurgy, foundry
  • production and recycling of plastics
  • production and recycling of glass
  • energy industry
  • etc.